Jio 5G Price Plan Launch Date News (April 2019)

By | June 11, 2019

With time, mobile networks have made a special place in our daily life activities. From the only one network time, we have seen the development of it in 2G, then into 3G and then finally into 4G. This is now the time that the Indian Government is all set to launch its 5G mobile network. The sources say that this will come into existence from the year 2020, but the big news is that the known mobile company Reliance has to launch its Jio 5G in 2019 itself.

According to the IT and Electronics minister of India, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, we could not miss this anymore, as all other countries have already launched their Jio 5G networks. Here are a few of the highlights about this exciting yet pending project. Here we get everything you need to know about Jio 5G Price, Plan, and the release date. Let’s get started.

Jio 5G – Price, Plan, Characteristics

jio 5g

Jio 5g

Characteristics of 5G

  • 5G stands for the fifth generation of the wireless network connections. This is not a new thing various other countries have already launched 5G. When it will be launched in India, people will get to experience the highest internet speed.
  • If we talk about the speed that a user can get after using the 5G network, then it is one gigabyte per second which is really huge. Along with that, this network connection can make support more than one device at once. So, if we see this closely and compare it with other networks, then we will come to know that this is a very big achievement for the Indian telecom industry.
  • With the advancement of technology, there are a lot of new things coming on the way. Talking about the future of this network, then there may come a time when it will be able to control all the home appliances, electronic devices, and electrical devices.


As we all know that Reliance Jio has a tie-up with the government of India and both are working together in this field of mobile network. With the coming of Jio 5G, the new thing that will be added is the participation of other companies too in this campaign. Many private stakeholders are ready to tie up with the company. Most of them are new in this market. Reliance has decided to make Tata Teleservices, Tejas Networks and other such companies make their partner for this project. All these companies are willing to contribute their manpower and equipment for this particular project.


Amongst all other important things that need to be done before the launch of this new network, patent confirmation is most important. According to the sources, the research team of Reliance has already filed 100 patents for this project. Among all these 100 patents, 10 are already granted. Kiran Kuchi, professor of IIT Hyderabad says that the filing of these many patents for this particular project will benefit the Indian market in a longer run.

IP Address

To standardize the Jio 5G network, the research team is focused to develop advanced simulators and IP. According to the Indian union minister, the whole intention of this project is to develop new indigenous IP, so that we could afford some amazing bargaining powers. If we talk about the cost that is being paid for the succession of this project, then most of the money is spent on paying the royalty to the patent holders. This is being done so that we get a cost-efficient setting for the generation of our IPs.

Foreign Companies

As mentioned above, this is not a new thing outside India. Many countries have already launched 5G for their network connectivity, but the increasing demand for it has made different foreign companies participate in this. Some of the big companies like Orange, Ericsson, and Verizon have shown interest in participating in this project. Other companies like Google and Samsung have already made their trials with the 5G program.

An assurance has been made by the Telecom minister of our country that this time we won’t miss it and that 5G will be launched super soon. If we talk about the norms that are left in order to make the launch possible, then it is just the business things. The government of India is all set to do its trials. Along with that, the doors for the development of other technology will also open up

Jio 5G Mobile Phone Price & Launch Date


JIO 5G Prices & Plans

We know that Jio currently provides the cheapest 4G plans in India, we expect the Jio 5G plans to be cheaper compared to other telecom industries with the highest speed network. There is currently no information on JIO 5G plans and validity. We will update this post as soon as we get any information about Jio 5G Price & plan so stay tuned with jiofilocalhtmll for more updates.

Jio 5G Release Date – Launch In India

The news of the launch of Jio 5G in the Indian market is very huge and has already created hype all over. If this project turns out correctly and gets good responses, then it will be a revolution in the Indian telecom sector. The users, as well as the service providers, will be benefitted from the coming of this project.

However, the roadmap of this particular project is still pending and the work is going on. India will create the final roadmap for the launch of the Jio 5G network in the month of July. This was a statement made by Aruna Sundarajan, who is the telecom secretary.

This is by far, one of the biggest news in the Indian telecom industry. So this is all about Jio 5G, lets see how things unfold in the upcoming days. A lot of expectations are already formed and we are hoping to see all of them turning into reality.

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