Jio APN Settings | Jio Access Point Settings – Access 4G Internet (April 2019)

By | May 8, 2019

Jio APN Settings: Access High-Speed 4G Internet – The term APN means access point name and is the point for doing the internet settings under certain condition. With this explanation, one must have understood that this number is associated with the SIM card that we use. APN is basically for defining the type of service that is used for contacting mobile data.

In simple words, we can understand that if the mobile network that you are using is not able to give you the proper network connectivity, then APN number could be set up, in order to get the desired network connectivity. This is not a rocket science, but just a setting that you need to do on your phone only. To get access to the desired network connectivity, you can change the wrong mobile settings. Here we will be talking about the jio apn settings, jio internet settings & Jio Access Point Settings in the year 2019. Even we will also talk about how to get jio settings by sms.

Structures of APN

Before we go and understand how to set the APN for a Jio number & how to do jio network settings, you will have to understand that the two designs of this. These two structures of APN consist of a network identifier and the operator identifier. Let see the details of both the structures in the following pointers.

Network identifier

In this structure, the indication of an external Packet Data Network is shown. At this place, the GGSN or GPRS support node is the network type. This service is actually based on the wish of users only. The name of this identifier is very similar to the name that the coding format of the internet URL has. This URL has three labels on it. Also, the name of the coding format and the identifier is given by the Public Land Mobile Network. These names are provided to the specific organizations, which have already reserved their name in the internet domain.

Operator identifier

This identifier is said to be the optional part of the Jio APN set up. The reason behind the formation of this identifier as an option is that it is given only after the network identifier is obtained. The input of this identifier could be given by the users. If we talk about the use of the default operator identifier, then it could be used in the Public land mobile network. The operators who have a packet domain with the GPRS support node could find this identifier in their network, as it is already present there.

Jio APN Settings | Jio Access Point Settings | Jio Network Settings

Jio Apn settings

As mentioned already, the APN setting is all related to your internet connectivity and about the network that you are using. In simple words, we can understand that with a proper APN setting that is done on our phone, a safe, secured and stable network connection could be established. In the opposite scenario, one could not actually have a good connection if their APN setting is not on point. Different APN is given to different users, based on their data plans. This is given to the customers by contacting them. You must have seen the messages coming to your phone once you have established a network connection.

To do the proper jio 4g apn settings, you need to go to the settings section of your phone and then you need to search for the internet settings. After that, enter the APN that you have received from the customer support of the particular network you are using. All the points mentioned above are applicable in the APN setting of any Jio number. So let’s proceed to the guide about Jio APN Settings.

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How to Do APN Settings for Jio Number – Jio APN Settings 2019

There are very few and simple steps that you could follow and they can do the Jio APN settings on your phone. Here are the steps that could help you in doing Jio APN Settings.

  • To do the APN settings, the first thing you need is to, obviously open your phone. Once you have opened your phone, you need to go to the settings section of your phone.
  • After getting there, you should search for the mobile network section. It is easy to find the mobile network section and once you have found that, you need to select the network mode.
  • There would be few options that you will see there, but you just have to focus on the LTE option. Set the network mode as LTE only.
  • After that, you need to select the APN option and will have to convert it into JIO 4G.
  • Once that is done, go ahead and do the settings for other options. You need to set up the proxy, port, username, and the password as ‘not set’.
  • In the case of the server set up, you can repeat the same process or can either set up it to In both cases, the speed of your internet will be increased.
  • After the completion of these steps, you need to set up the MMSC, authentication type and MMS proxy. Repeat the same step and set them to ‘not set’.
  • The whole setup is being done to speed up your connectivity. One more step involved in this whole process is that you have to set APN protocol to IPv6 or IPv4. This step will also enhance your speed. This is the final step.

With this point, we come to the conclusion that if you need to boost up your internet connectivity, then you should do your Jio APN settings properly. After reading the above points, the readers will get a complete idea, as to how to do the APN settings, Jio Access Point Settings and jio network settings for their Jio number.


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